You need to know a few things

If you decide to learn to play the guitar, but you are left-handed


Left-handed guitars are harder to find than right-handed guitars, and sometimes more expensive. If you don't want to spend more money, consider modifying your right hand guitar. You can modify the cheap second-hand guitar by doing something:

1. Buy a guitar with a floating bridge (the part that lifts the strings from the top of the guitar); if you stick the bridge to the soundboard (in most cases), this won't work unless you can't damage it In the case of the guitar, gently price it.

2. Remove the strings and reposition the bridge 180 degrees so that the groove of the fattest string is at the top. (If the bridge at the top of the fingerboard floats, change its position as well). If the bridge at the top of the fingerboard is fixed, you may need to slightly widen the thinnest groove with a small needle trowel.

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