Why Bubbles Appear In The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine

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   When operating the equipment, it is normal for some malfunctions to occur, and there must be some friction during the operation of the components. After a long time, the fault will happen again. Of course, not all faults are generated in this way, and some are caused by uncontrollable factors, so when we solve the problem, we must first find out what is the cause of the problem, so that we can better solve it Question, then let's take a look at what causes bubbles in the open rotary screen printer?

  1. Poor handling of substrates before printing
    The substrate should be kept clean before printing, because the surface of the substrate is easy to attach dust and oil stains.
    2. The printing speed is too fast or the printing speed is uneven
    When printing, the printing speed can be appropriately reduced to maintain the uniformity of the printing speed.
    3. The ratio is wrong when adjusting ink
    When adjusting the ink, the proportion of defoamer added is not correct. The amount of defoamer added in the ink is generally about 0.1 to 1%. If it exceeds the specified amount, it will play a role in foaming.
    4. Pay attention to red, blue, green and other transparent inks
    Red, blue, green and other transparent inks, because of the small proportion of fine particles of organic pigments, the bonding material of these inks has the characteristics of easy foaming. If the corresponding thinner, tackifier or debonding agent is added, the ink can also be turned into a stable ink with good printability.

   Even if the ink of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is foamed after transfer, as long as the substrate is wetted and the ink has good fluidity, the bubbles on the surface of the printing ink film will be gradually eliminated, and the ink forms a flat printing ink film. If the ink bubbles are not eliminated, the ink film will form a ring-shaped uneven film surface. Generally, the bubbles in the ink can be defoamed by the action of the screen when passing through the screen. In addition, when the ink is mixed and stirred, hot water or boiling water will have a good defoaming effect. These are the reasons that cause bubbles to appear on the open rotary screen printing machine. Today we will talk about it first. If you want to know more information, Licheng Flat Screen Printer Factory  welcomes your comments and consultations.